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Indian IT giant to invest millions in CCG start-up


The global Indian IT company Infosys, puts the first European investment through Infosys Innovation Fund in Aarhus.The Indians have partnered with the Aarhus-based start-up, UNSILO that has developed a breakthrough technology to handle very large amounts of text.The investment is obviously a cause forjoy as Investin Denmark had helped Infosys to Aarhus.
"Foreign investment is very important for the Danish economy and employment. The Indian investment shows that it is attractive for global IT companies to come to Denmark and Danish tech-companies when business needs to be developed. And it confirms the picture of that foreign investment in Denmark is increasing - in 2015 they accounted for the entire 684 billion, "says Kristian Jensen.

Ritika Suri, vice president and global head of corporate development and ventures at Infosys, explains the new Danish investment:"We see Denmark as a global hub for world-class innovation, and we are pleased to announce our investment in UNSILO. They have developed an impressive search engine with first text intelligence that supports a variety of complex business processes. We look forward to the partnership with UNSILO and to offer our customers their artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. "

UNSILO is a CCG IT company founded in 2012 that develops search technologies through advanced text analysis to identify patterns across millions of scientific articles. The vision is to break down knowledge silos, improve access to often hard to access research and expertise and make it fast and easy for engineers, designers and product developers to gain insight into new areas of knowledge.
Infosys, India's second largest IT Company and world leader in technology services and consulting advice where Infosys helps clients in more than 50 countries to create and review their digital transformation. Globally, Infosys has over 199,000 employees in view of their unique knowledge and experience from different industries and technologies contribute to effective problem solving in engineering, knowledge management and business development.

Infosys 'investment in Aarhus is the result of Invest in Denmark's program of visits in November 2015 when the head of Infosys' Innovation Fund visited ten Danish IT companies. The Fund has approximately $ 3.5 billion, of which almost 15 million now accrue to the Aarhus-based company.

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