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MADAD - Consular Grievances Monitoring System

The Ministry of External Affairs, in association with Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs has introduced a new online ‘MEA Consular Grievances Monitoring System’, also called MADAD in Hindi to be implemented through Indian Missions/Posts abroad. It includes features like:

  • Logging and effective tracking of complaints and seeking feedback
  • (Appreciation/suggestion) through the PSP Online Portal Security features that allow access to only legitimate complainants
  • Processing of complaints at Missions/Posts through PSP PRIDE application by Welfare Officers, Workflow for Escalation/Review (Welfare Officers to Deputy Chief of Missions (DCM), and DCM to Head of Mission (HOM)) Maintenance of detailed case records for each complaint
  • MIS Reports and Dashboard for authorised users at Missions/Posts, CPV Consular

MADAD has been setup to facilitate online logging and tracking of complaints pertaining to consular services by complainants and to effectively monitor and process complaints by corresponding Indian Missions/Posts abroad. Users of MADAD Portal can be categorized into three. The Public, Missions/Posts Abroad and Consular Section of CPV Division of the Ministry of External Affairs. The Public first needs to register as a user of the Complaints Monitoring System at the PSP online portal ( in order to log complaints or provide feedback (suggestions/appreciation). The system of registration is simple and user friendly and is similar to the registration process at any website. Once the user is registered, he/she can register his/her grievance. Grievances can be registered by the individual concerned or by any other person. (eg: in the case of minors, illiterate people etc). Once the complaint is successfully registered, a unique Complaint Reference Number is generated for the complaint (Complaint ID). All complaints lodged by the user will be displayed in the Track Complaint Status Screen with latest one being on top of the list. User can also search for a specific complaint by using the corresponding Complaint ID. Users can view detailed description of their complaint and status in this window. Users can also cancel their complaint from this window. Users also have a provision for giving their feedback as well as suggestions for each complaint. Users can log up to two suggestions/appreciation messages per complaint.

The entire history of your grievance would be maintained online and you can check the status and updates by logging in later.

Embassy of India, Copenhagen is pleased to announce that MADAD has been introduced which is functioning satisfactorily. Public is urged to use the portal to lodge their grievances relating to consular matters.



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