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  1. The Governments of India and Denmark have signed a Social Security Agreement in February 2010 with a view to enhance cooperation on social security between the two countries to protect their workers in either country against double payment of social security contributions, loss of contributions and loss of benefits.

  2. The Agreement will come into effect after completion of the requisite procedure by both the countries; these are likely to be completed by 01.01.2011.

  3. The salient features of the Agreement are:

    1. Social security benefits acquired by Indian nationals while working in Denmark can be paid on relocation in India. The benefits can also be paid if the beneficiary relocates in a third country.

    2. For the first sixty months, no social security contributions would be required to be paid by Indian detached workers, deputed by Indian companies to work in their offices in Denmark, under the Danish law. Even if the detachment period continues beyond sixty months, the concerned authorities may agree that the employee remains subject only to the Indian legislation.

    3. Indian nationals other than on detachment employed in Denmark shall be covered by ATP scheme unless the employment period is on a short term basis (maximum six months or 18 months in case of employment as part of training).

  4. Indian nationals shall be entitled to a Danish social pension if the person has had a total period of work or was self-employed under the Danish legislation for at least 12 months as laid down in the Social Pension Act.

  5. The agreement shall also apply to events which occurred prior to its entry into force. The Agreement shall not create any entitlement to benefits for any period prior to its entry into force. Insurance periods completed prior to the date on which this Agreement enters into force shall be taken into consideration in determining entitlement to any benefit in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement. In case of persons who were sent to Denmark from India prior to the date of entry into force of this Agreement, the periods of employment shall be considered to begin on that date.

  6. The full text of the Agreement is available at the following link: https://www.moia.gov.in/services.aspx?ID1=285&id;=m4&idp;=81&mainid;=73.

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