• All columns are to be filled out in words, and not by dashes.

  • Application is liable to be returned 
    or rejected if not properly filled.

  • All visas are valid from date of issue.

For Office use only:

Nationality: ___________

Fee Dkk: ______________

Visa No: ______________

Please affix/paste Passport size photograph here

 Telephone Nos: 39182995  Fax : 39270218  
Working hours : Monday - Friday 0930 to 1230 hrs



1.   Mr/Mrs/Miss  Last Name:                                 First Name:                       Middle Name:  

2.      Previous Names, if any  :

3.       Fathers/Husbands Name  :

4.      Whether Married or Single  :

5.      Present Nationality  :

6.      Any Other Nationality  :                             Present:                                    Previous:

7.      Fathers Nationality  :

 8.      Date and Place of Birth 

9.      Present Address:

Residence Telephone No.     :

10.     Profession  :                                                            Office or Daytime Telephone No.:  

10.(a) Present Employer  :                                                                     

11.     Passport No.  :                                         Date of Issue  :  

        Place of Issue  :                                          Date of Expiry  :   

12.       Details of Children (if accompanying the applicant):

          Name of Child   :                                           Date and Place of Birth  :                            Sex  :

1.___________________________________________________________________________________    2.____________________________________________________________________________________ 3.____________________________________________________________________________________

13.    Has Visa to India been refused before ?   :                 Yes                    No

        If  Yes, give details :

114.        Have you been to India before :             Yes                               No        
If Yes, give details  : (a) Visa No.:                              (b) Dates:                      ( c) Purpose of visit:

15.     Number of entries into India required:            

          One                       Two                     Three                       Multiple

16.     Purpose of Journey :     Transit    Tourist    Business   Education  Family Visit   

        Employment      Conference                    Any other (Specify):

17.    Period for which Visa is required : Less Than 3 Months     6 Months    1 Year     5 Years

         Any other (Specify):

______________________________________________________________________________________ _____

18.      Places in India proposed to be visited : ______________________________________________________


19.      Approximate date of departure from Denmark:

20.      Approximate date of arrival in India:

21.    Country from which entry into India will be made:  

22.      Approximate Date of  Departure from India  :

23.      Name and Address of Contact :

1.      In the country of Applicant :

2.      In India  : 

I hereby undertake that I shall utilise my visit to India for the purpose for which visa has been applied for and shall not, on arrival in India, try to obtain employment or set up business or extend my stay for any other purpose. I fully understand that if any of the particulars furnished above are found to be incorrect, or if any of the information is found to have been withheld, the visa is liable to cancellation.

Date  : _______________                  Signature of the Applicant ______________________________



( Declaration to be made by Applicant seeking to stay in India for more than one Year :)

I hereby undertake that I shall subject myself to a medical test including test for AIDS within one month of arrival in India. In case I am found positive for AIDS, I will leave India.


Date  :_______________                  Signature of the Applicant   : ____________________________



1. a)    Passport should be valid for at least 2 months more than the period of visa required. Passport should also contain at least two blank pages for affixing visa. One passport size photograph (pasted on application form) should be sent along with  the visa application and passport.

b)        For Danish Fremmedpass, two photographs would be required along with two applications filled up.

2.            Full particulars must be given. Failure to state in detail the reasons of the journey will result in delay or refusal of Visa.

3.            If visiting on behalf of a Danish Firm or Organisation, letter from the respective Firm or Organisation giving the details of business dealings in India, should be enclosed. (Financial guarantee should be stated in letter.)

4.            You are requested to send us proof of transport out of India (copy of return ticket, bank statements, etc.).

5.            If you desire your passport(s) returned by post, please enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope, (registered mail). Please check with Post Office for the postage. Envelopes without stamps will not be accepted.

6.            In general, most applications from persons holding Danish passports, who wish to visit for a short period, can be completed in 3-4 working days after all documents have been submitted. However, Embassy will not accept any responsibility in cases of delay, which can occur due to various reasons.

7.            For applicants other than Danish Nationals, it is often necessary to refer the application to the Indian Embassy in the country of origin of the applicant. It takes about 10 days to process such applications.

8.                In the case of applicants with Danish Fremmedpas and certain other applicants, applications are required to be referred to Delhi for decision, and this process takes around 2-3 months

9.            Visa fees and telex/telefax charges are non-refundable, once action has been initiated by the Visa Office.

10.     Enquiries may be made between 09.30-12.30 from Monday to Friday on Telephone No.  39182995.

11.             Different visa fees for foreign nationals other than Danish are applicable which may be enquired from the Embassy.

12.          Applicants are requested to check the entries in the visa obtained, for correctness before leaving the counter/Country.

Visa fee rates for Danish Nationals w.e.f. 01.10.2000.)

NOTE: Visa is valid from Date of Issue.


  •        Multiple Tourist /Business /Students visa valid up to 6 months:      D.Kr. 345

  •        Business Visa /Students visa valid for one year :                               D.Kr. 560                 

  •        Student Visa valid for period more than 1 year  up to 5 years          D.Kr. 645

  •        Entry Visa to Danish nationals of Indian origin
     valid for 6 months/1 year/5 years :                                                   D.Kr.  345/560/1115

  •        All visas with validity of more than 1 year up to 5 years :                 D.Kr. 1115

PLEASE NOTE:  Visa fees in cash sent by POST will not be accepted. ONLY cheque or bank draft is acceptable by post. Cash is accepted only at the Embassys counter during working hours.

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