Total Danish Investments in India

Indo-Danish Collaborations/Joint Ventures & Danish Investments in India approved during the period December 1st 1992 - August 31st 2001

Amount of Danish
Equity (Rs. Million)
in case of Financial
Indian Partner Danish Partner Sector Collaborations Time
Vijay Breweries Carlsberg Internatio. Beer Brewing 13.00 Dec. 92
Ron Maritime Ltd. Meco Engineering Deep Sea Fishing 7.00 Dec. 92
Indo-Gulf Fertilizers Haldor Topsoee Ammonia/Urea Technical Feb. 93
& Chemicals Ltd.
Sabroe India Pvt. Ltd Sabros Refrigeration Industrial Transport 7.56 Feb. 93
Vestas RRB India Vestas Wind System Wind Electric 24.13 Mch. 93
Western Foods Ltd. Sanvo Engineering Egg White Powder Technical Apr. 93
Keld Ellentoft India KE Safematic Expansion Joints Technical May. 93.
Balaji Foods & Feeds Ovotee International Egg Powder 8.00 June.93.
DDE DRG Systems Dansk Data Automatic Data 25.21 July. 93.
Elektronik Processing Machin.
Indian Oil Haldor Topsoee Hydrogen Technical Sept. 93
Corporation Generation
U C Gas Engineering Union Construction Chemical Plant 0.50 Sept. 93
Fertilizers & Haldor Topsoee Ammonia Technical Sept. 93.
Chemicals Ltd.
Triple A Overseas Helge Fleischer Textile Made-Ups 2.00 Oct. 93.
Bharat Heavy Electr. Nordex A/S Electrical Equipment Technical Oct. 93
Karan Cement Ltd. F.L. Smidth & Co. Portland Cement 252.00 Nov. 93
National Haldor Topsoee Ammonia Technical Nov. 93.
Fertilizers Ltd.
Indian Farmers' Haldor Topsoee Ammonia Technical Nov. 93
Trimurthi Machines Nord-Engineering Machine Tools 0.54 Nov. 93
Gujarat Sidhee F.L. Smidth & Co. Cement Products 125.00 Feb. 94.
GSI Training & Time Manager A/S Training/Education/ Technical Mch. 94
Development Pvt.Ltd. Publishing
ITW Signode India Andrex Radiation Industrial Technical Mch. 94.
Ltd. Products A/S Instruments
John Fowler Westrup A/S Industrial Machinery Technical Mch. 94.
India Ltd.
Indian Dairy Machi- RO-KA Industri A/S Industrial Machinery Technical April. 94.
nery Co. Pvt. Ltd.
Indo Gulf Fertilizers Haldor Topsoee Ammonia Technical May. 94.
& Chemicals Ltd.
D.L.F. Cement Ltd. I.F.U. Ordinary Portland 184.30 May. 94.
Cement/Pozzolana C
Topack Industries Wittenborg A/S Automatic Goods Technical May. 94.
Ltd. Vending Machines
BMD Industries Ltd. Dansk Industri Foundary M/c like Technical June. 94.
Syndikat A/S Disacool Sand
Cooling Drums
Sand Supply Units
Numaligarh Haldor Topsoee Hydrogen Gas Technical June. 94.
Unknown Baltic Controls Ltd. Setting up of 0.15 July. 94.
Subsidiary in India
for Surveying & In-
spection Activities
NKT Elektronik A/S NKT Elektronik A/S Fibre Optic Trans- 69.00 Aug. 94.
Denmark - NKT mission Systems,
India Office Digital Multiplexers &
Network Management
Mahindra & The East Asiatic Co. Marketing, Selling, & 18.00 Aug. 94.
Mahindra  Servicing Sophistica-
ted Graphic Arts
BMD Industries Ltd., DISA - Dansk Industrial Machinery 114.16 Oct. 94.
Bangalore Industri Syndikat
Solitaire International Arcon A/S, Electrical Equipment 9.80 Nov. 94.
Marketing Services, Soenderborg
Bestsellers, C/o S.R. Bestsellers A/S 100 %-owned subsi- 12.62 Dec. 94
Batliboi & Co., Delhi diary for undertaking
intl. garment trade
LM Glasfiber India LM Glasfiber A/S, FRP Rotor Blades 94.60 Jan. 95.
Ltd., New Delhi Lunderskov for Wind Turbine
Satnam Haegens Danbrew Ltd. Mineral Water, PET/ Technical Jan. 95.
Ltd., New Delhi PVC Bottles & Lope
Western Nutrient Sanovo Engineering "Others" Technical Jan. 95.
Ltd., Chandigarh A/S, Odense
Kampsax India Pvt. Kampsax Denmark Design/Engineering 5.10 Feb. 95.
Ltd., New Delhi & Consultancy
Nagarjuna Fertilizers Haldor Topsoee Urea Technical April. 95.
& Chemicals Ltd.
Punjab Wireless Telecom Denmark Radio Paging 70.00 April. 95.
Systems Ltd. Services
BPL Systems & Telecom Denmark Radio Paging 100.00 April. 95.
Projects Ltd. Services
CG Teltec Ltd., Telecom Denmark Radio Paging 700.00 April. 95.
New Delhi Services
Indian Farmers' Haldor Topsoee Ammonia Technical April. 95.
Fertilizer Co- Manufacturing
Operative Ltd.
Ruchi Telesystems Telecom Denmark Radio Paging 80.00 April. 95.
Ltd., Indore Services
Leo India Software Leo International Computer Software 28.50 May. 95.
Centre Pvt. Ltd., Danish EDC Centre
New Delhi
Anshuman Projects Nordisk Textile Grey Cotton 11.25 May. 95.
Ltd., New Delhi Sheeting
Indian Farmers' Haldor Topsoee Ammonia Technical May. 95.
Fertilizer Co.-Op.
Vestas RRB India Vestas Wind Prime Movers Technical May. 95.
Ltd. Systems
NKT Elektronik A/S, NKT Elektronik A/S Setting up of wholly 15.00 June. 95.
C/o NKT India Office owned subsidiary in
New Delhi India for providing
Project Management
Services, Software
Development, etc..
Lavrids Knudsen Lavrids Knudsen Pumps, Taps, 89.60 July. 95.
Maskinfabrik India Maskinfabrik Kolding Cockes, Valves,
Tacks, etc..
Triple A Overseas Helge Fleischer A/S Textile Process 2.00 July. 95.
Ltd. House
National Fertilizers Haldor Topsoee Chemicals Technical July. 95.
U B Sabroe India Sabroe Industrial Machinery 7.65 July. 95.
Pvt. Ltd., Madras Refrigeration A/S
Maxflow Pumps Pvt. I.F.U. Horizontal Split 3.00 Aug. 95.
Ltd., New Delhi Casting
Centrifugal Pumps
Engsko Kristone Engsko I/S, Randers Moulded Mechanical 0.14 Aug. 95.
Jhansi Appliances suitable
for Grinding Machi-
nes & Grind Cereals
Indo-Dane Textile K. Vestergaard Woven Woollen 7.80 Sept. 95.
Industries Pvt. Ltd., Frandsen A/S, Blankets
Panipat Kolding
Essar Oil Ltd., Haldor Topsoee Motor Spirit Technical Oct. 95.
Bombay (Gasoline) incl.
Aviation Spirit, Spirit
(Gasoline) Type Jet
Fuel, Kerosene,
Diesel Gas Oil,
Petroleum Fuel Oils
Larsen & Toubro F. L. Smidth & Co. Mineral Processing Technical Oct. 95.
Ltd., Bombay A/S Plants, Cement
Plant & Machinery
A. K. Rai Nordtank Energy Prime Movers 0.01 Oct. 95.
LK Pace India LK A/S Denmark, Cutting & Forming 10.00 Dec. 95.
Pvt. Ltd. Ballerup Tools, Electronic
& Telecom Equipm.
Lifton Hydrateam (I) Breaker A/S, Prime Movers Technical Dec. 95.
Pvt. Ltd., Pune Aalborg
Associated Cement Scanform Building Ceramics Technical Dec. 95.
Co. Ltd., Bombay Systems,
Pipe-LIC Consult LIC Consult A/S, Computer Simulation 7.00 Jan. 96.
India Pvt. Ltd. Denmark Software for
New Delhi Pipelines
National Fertilizers Haldor Topsoee, Chemicals Technical Jan. 96.
Ltd., New Delhi Denmark
UB Sabroe India (P) Sabroe Refrigeration Refrigeration 15.00 Feb. 96.
Ltd., Madras A/S, Denmark Systems including
Components, &
Accessories for
Transport &
Industrial Use
Roulunds Fabriker Roulunds Fabriker Manufacturing & 111.40 Feb. 96
A/S, C/o Mr. A/S, Denmark Marketing of a Range
Shiwani Puri, of Industrial &
New Delhi Agriculture Belts &
Automotive V-Belts
Unknown The East Asiatic To set up a trading 5.00 Mch. 96.
Co. Ltd., Denmark company which,
apart from the
Distribution Activities
wil give heavy
emphasis to
Technical Know-How
Indo Dan Erik Frederiksen Lampshades made 1.20 Mch. 96
Lampshades Pvt. Production A/S, of Wire, Brass,
Ltd., New Delhi Denmark Wood, PVC, Fabric,
Beads, Crystals,
Paper Plastic Sheets
Akay Flavours & Chr. Hansen A/S, Essential Oils, 42.50 Mch. 96.
Aromatics Pvt. Ltd., Denmark Oleoresins,
Kerala Curcumin
Kosan Teknova Gas Kosan Teknova Industrial Machinery 34.03 May. 96
Appliances PV Nivaa, Denmark
Indian Oil Corpn. Haldor Topsoe A/S Hydrogen Technical July. 96.
Ltd., New Delhi
Bharat Petroleum Haldor Topsoe A/S Hydrogen Technical July. 96.
Corporation, Mumbai
West Asia Maritime Dampskibsselskabet Operating Time- 12.79 July. 96.
Ltd. (Wam), Madras Torm, Copenhagen Chartered Product
T.T.K. Maersk Maersk Medical A/S, "Others" 153.00 July. 96.
Medical Ltd., Mumbai Denmark
CG Maersk Informat. Maersk Data AS, Computer Software 50.00 July. 96.
Technology, Madras Denmark
UB Group Carlsberg A/S Manufacture/Distribu- 30.00 Aug. 96.
Bangalore Copenhagen tion/Selling of Beer
Batliboi Foras Foras Energy A/S To Provide Manage- 3.50 Aug. 96.
Pvt. Ltd., Bombay Denmark ment Administration,
Maintenance, and
Project Development
in the field of
Renewable Energy
Saurashtra F.L. Smith & Co. AS Expansion & Setting 163.60 Sept. 96.
Cement Ltd. up of Additional 1.5
MT Cement Plant
None Micon AS Setting up of a 100% 100.00 Sept. 96.
Randers wholly owned subsi-
diary in India
for Assembling &
Constructing Wind
Turbine & T.T.
Power Plant
Madras Haldor Topsoe A/S Ammonia, Urea, Technical Sept. 96.
Fertilizers Ltd. Complex Fertilizers
Indian Oil Haldor Topsoe A/S Hydrogen Technical Sept. 96.
Corporation Ltd.,
New Delhi
Indian Oil Haldor Topsoe A/S Hydrogen Technical Sept. 96.
Corporation Ltd.,
New Delhi
Farm Implements Thrige Agro AS, Rotavator Technical Sept. 96.
India Pvt. Ltd., Odense
Indo-Gulf Fertilisers Haldor Topsoe A/S Nitrogen & Technical Oct. 96.
& Chemicals Co., Phos. Fert.
Southern Auto Mac - Maskiner, Machinery Technical Nov. 96.
Implements Pvt. Ltd., Stenderup
Kopran Ltd., Dow Denmark Pharmaceutical Technical Jan. 97.
Worli, Mumbai Separation Systems, Intermediates
Martin Professional Martin Professional Import & Trading of 4.00 Jan. 97.
Lightings Pvt. Ltd., AS, Risskov Martin Brand Profes-
Madras sional Intelligent
Lighting & Allied Prd.
Garware Utzon N. P. Utzon Braided Twines/ 26.87 Jan. 97.
(Cordage) Ltd., Ropes (of HDPE/PP)
ABB Daimler/Benz Adtranz Signal A/S Computer Software 350.00 Jan. 97.
GBM Manufacturing LBH International Chemicals Technical Jan. 97.
Pvt. Ltd., Calcutta A/S, Kerteminde
ACE Wheels Pvt. Ltd Metrotherm A/S Ltd. Storage Water Technical Feb. 97.
Faridabad, Haryana Helsinge, Denmark Heater & Vitreous
Enamelled Water
Tank for same
Indian Express Egmont International Joint Venture for the 5.00 Mch. 97.
Publications Pvt. Ltd. Holdings, Denmark Publishing of Walt
Mumbai Disney comic books
and activity books for
Indian children
Procon Systems Procon A/S, Software 7.50 Mch. 97.
Pvt. Ltd., Chennai Denmark Development
Himachal Futuristic Rescom A/S, Electrical Technical Apr. 97.
Communication, Vedbaek, Denmark Equipment
Himachal Pradesh
Roulunds India Pvt. Roulunds Fabriker, Automobile 0.05 Jun. 97.
Ltd., New Delhi Odense Tyre Tubes
C. S. Medical Private F. N. Aerotherm, Fuel-Efficient & Technical July. 97.
Ltd., Bangalore Middelfart High-Quality
Bakery Ovens
Nepture Refrigeration Lind Horsens A/S, Flake Ice Technical July. 97.
Company Pvt. Ltd., Horsens Machine
Air Control & Chemi- Sabroe Refrigeration Manufacture of Indu- 115.20 Aug. 97.
cal Engineering A/S, Hoejbjerg strial Refrigeration
Systems incl. but not
limited to Compres-
sors & Components
Sividan Bio Products Binadan A/S Manufacture & Sale 18.93 Sept. 97.
Pvt. Ltd., Tarbund, Denmark of Pelleted Chicken
Secunderabad Manure
Mikkel Vestergaard K. Vestergaard Export of Textile 2.50 Sept. 97.
Frandsen Frandsen A/S, Products, Tents,
Partap Chambers II Denmark Jerry Cans, &
Karol Bagh other products
New Delhi
EAC Trading Pvt.Ltd. East Asiatic Setting up of trading Technical Sept. 97.
Bombay Mutual Company Ltd. company, which, a-
Terrace 7, Midtermolen part from distribution
S. V. Patel Road DK-2100 Copenhag. activities, will give
Sandhurst Bridge Denmark heavy emphasis to
Mumbai-400007 tech-know-how within
installations & after-
sales services of
equipment needed
for the development
of Indian industries
Bording Bellows Bording Bellows as, Non-Metallic Expan- Technical Oct. 97.
India, Coimbatore Fredericia, Denmark sion Bellows Gas-
Turbines, Power
Plants, & Industrial
ABB Alfa Stal Sabroe Refrigeration Manufacture & As- 50.00 Dec. 97.
Refrigeration Hoejbjerg, Denmark sembly of Refrigera-
tion Systems incl.
Equipment, Compo-
nents & Accessories
for Transport &
Industrial Use
Lupin Agrochemicals Cheminova Agro, Establish Production 321.50 Dec. 97.
(India) Ltd., Mumbai Denmark of Intermediates in
India for local use as
well as exports.
TTK Maersk Medical Maersk Medical A/S, Manufacture of Foley 40.00 Dec. 97.
Limited, Aurangabad Denmark Catheters & Urine
Drainage Bags
Duncans Industries Haldor Topsoe A/S, Ammonia Technical Dec. 97.
Ltd., New Delhi Lyngby, Denmark
Martin Professional Martin Professional Imports/Trading of 36.00 Dec. 97.
Lighting, Madras A/S, Denmark Martin Brand Profes-
sional Intelligent
Lighting & Allied Prd.
L.K. Pace India LLK, Denmark Cutting & Forming 89.60 Dec. 97.
Pvt. Ltd., Baroda Tools, Electrics &
Telecom Equipments
Duncans Industries Haldor Topsoe A/S, Manufacture of Am- Technical Dec. 97.
Ltd., Fertilizer Lyngby, Denmark monia as an Interme-
Division, Calcutta diate Product f. Urea
Iron Maxflow Pumps IFU Horizontal Split 1.00 Jan. 98.
India Limited, Casting Centrifugal
New Delhi Pumps w/sizes more
than 10 cm x 10 cm
Pipelic Energy LIC Energy, Design, Engineering, 9.90 Feb. 98.
Software India Denmark & Commissioning of
Private Limited, Oil, Gas, & Water
Secunderabad Pipeline Simulation
Hilton Roulunds Ltd., Roulunds Fabriker, Manufacturing & 0.00 March 98.
New Delhi Denmark Marketing of a Range
of Industrial & Agri-
cultural Belts & Auto-
motive V-Belts
- Danfoss A/S, To set up a wholly 76.00 March 98.
Nordborg owned subsidiary in
India to undertake
Sale & Manufacture,
Export & Import,
Marketing & Service
of Automatic Control
Products, Actuators,
& Related Products
Green City India Green City To Create Aware- 2.50 March 98.
Pvt. Ltd., Denmark A/S ness about Environ-
New Delhi mental Issues and
Promote Sustainable
Development using
Green City Concept
Himachal Futuristic Rescom, Manufacture of 13 Technical April 98.
Communications, Vedbaek GHZ 34 MB Digital
New Delhi Microwave Radio
Equipment (N+1)
TTK Maersk Maersk Medical A/S, Manufacture of Technical April 98.
Medical Ltd., Lynge Foley Catheters,
Aurangabad Urinary Incontinence
Project & Develop- Haldor Topsoee A/S, Design & Technical April 98.
ment India Ltd., Lyngby Engineering Services
Noida for Ammonia Plants
for Neyveli Lignite
Corpn. Ltd.
Indian Express Egmont International To set up a JVC 10.00 May 98.
Egmont Public Holdings A/S, which will publish a
Denmark wide range of Walt
Disney comic books
& activity books for
children in India
Deepak Fertilizers & Haldor Topsoee A/S, Manufacture of Technical May-98
Petrochemicals Ltd., Lyngby Anhydrous Ammonia
Pune Capacity :
27000 MTPA
Pipelines Energy LIC Energy, Design, Engineering, 14.10 Jun-98
Software India Denmark & Commissioning of
Pvt. Ltd., Oil, Gas, & Water
Secunderabad Pipeline Simulation
LM Glasfiber (India) L.M. Glasfiber A/S, Manufacture of Technical Jun-98
Ltd., Lunderskov, Rotor Blades for
Hoskote Denmark Wind Turbine
L.M. 14.4 Rotor
L.M. Glasfiber India IFU FRP Rotor Blades for 13.84 Jul-98
Ltd., New Delhi Wind Turbine
C/0 Anand K. Sethi Generators
Cheminova India Ltd. Cheminova Agro A/S Estbl. Production of 114.00 Jul-98
Mumbai Denmark Intermediates in
India for local use
as well as exports
depending on
market research, etc.
Cheminova India Ltd. Cheminova Agro A/S Estbl. Production of 20.00 Jul-98
Mumbai Denmark Intermediates in
India for local use
as well as exports
depending on
market research, etc.
TTK Maersk Medical IFU Manufacture of 33.59 Oct-98
Ltd., Aurangabad Foley Catheters and
Urine Drainage Bags
Shiv Kumar Jatia, Danisco A/S, Manufacturing,           not Nov-98
New Delhi Denmark Distributing, &   indicated
Marketing/Selling of
Flavours & Inter-
mediate Products
House of Wax India Apollo Lys ApS, Manufacture, Trading 0.48 Dec-98
Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore Denmark & Sale of High-Quali-
ty Goods in the
Wax Candle Industry
Saurashtra Cement Lefor Developing Cement Products 38.11 Jan-99
Ltd., Ranavav Countries ???
GSI Training & Time Manager Training & Technical Apr-99
Development International, Education,    
C-72, Neeti Bagh Denmark Consulting,
New Delhi Publishing
LEC India Software LEC International Development of 28.50 Apr-99
Centre Pvt. Ltd., A/S, Denmark Computer Software
Du Parc Trinity
17, M.G. Road
Dansteel Engineering Dansteel Engineering Introducing energy- 1.80 May-99
(India) Pvt. Ltd., Denmark saving technologies
New Delhi in the field of steel
mills for increased
productivity and
lower consumption
of electricity in
making the steel
Hilton Roulunds Ltd., IFU, Denmark Manufacturing & 25.00 May-99
New Delhi marketing of industri-
al & agricultural belts
and automotive belts
Akay Flavours & Chr. Hansen, Essential Oils 236.50 May-99
Aromatics Ltd., Denmark Oleoresins
Cochin Curcumin
Cheminova India Ltd. Cheminova Agro A/S Production of Inter- 321.50 Jun-99
Bandra - Mumbai Denmark mediates in India for
local use as well as
Engsko Kristone Engsko I/S, Moulded mechanical 6.16 Jun-99
(India), Bijoli - Jhansi Randers - Denmark appliances suitable
for grinding machi-
nes to grind cereals
Balmer Lawrie & Co. Toftejorg Technology Mobile Tank Cleaning  Technical Jun-99
Ltd., Calcutta A/S, Ishoej-Denmark System for cleaning
of sludge in oil and
chemical tanks
L & T Ramboell Ramboell Consultancy - 18.00 Jun-99
Consulting, Chennai (, Hannemann, & Business/
Hoejlund A/S), Management
Pioneer Wincon Ltd., Wincon West Wind, Wind-Operated  Technical Jul-99
Guindy, Chennai Bjerringbro,Denmark Electricity
Not indicated Pedershaab A/S, Design,Manufacture, 10.56 Jul-99
Denmark Quality Inspection,
Service, Distribution,
& After-Sales Servic.
of Concrete Pipe-
Making Machinery
Indian Oil Haldor Topsoee A/S, Hydrogen Technical Jul-99
Corporation Ltd., Lyngby, Denmark
New Delhi
Indian Farmers' Haldor Topsoee A/S, Ammonia as Interme- Technical Jul-99
Fertilizer Co-Operat. Lyngby, Denmark diate for Urea
Ltd., New Delhi
Tumlare Corporation, Tumlare Corporation Development of 10.00 Jul-99
C/o Juris Consultus A/S, Denmark Computer Software
New Delhi
Hilton Roulunds Ltd., Codan Gummi A/S, Manufacture of  Technical Jul-99
New Delhi Denmark Rubber Hoses
Sangamitra Rest & Mr. Hotels, Rooming 0.03 Jul-99
Catr. Const. Pvt. Ltd. Michael Lissanevitch Houses, Camps,
Pune Denmark Lodging Places
Indian Oil Haldor Topsoee A/S, Hydrogen Technical Aug-99
Corporation, Lyngby, Denmark
New Delhi
NEG Micon A/S, Micon A/S, 100% wholly owned 0.00 Aug-99
Chennai Randers, Denmark subsidiary in India (Financial ?)
for assembling and
constructing wind
turbines & T.T.
power plant
Akay Flavours & Chr. Hansen A/S, Essential Oils, 59.00 Sep-99
Aromatics Limited, Denmark Oleoresins, &
Cochin Curcumin
EAC Graphics Heidelberg India Ltd. Marketing, selling, & 0.00 Oct-99
India Ltd., Copenhagen servicing graphic (Financial ?)
New Delhi arts machinery
Convoy India Pvt Ltd. Companies of Con- Designing of Ships, 3.50 Dec-99
St. Mary's Road voy Group Denmark Marine Vessels,
Chennai Carl Bro A/S Shipyards, rendering
Danish Maritime Consultancy Service
Institute for the Designing of
Logimatic A/S Ships, Shipyards, &
Brix & Kamp A/S Marine Vessels.
Mango Software Ltd. Lyrec Manufacturing Development/Export 3.00 Dec-99
Andheri (E), Mumbai A/S, Denmark of ComputerSoftware
Indo-Dane Boards Nordisk Skoletavle Manufacture of 2.50 Jan-00
Pvt. Ltd., Fabrik A/S, Writing Boards,
Mathura Road 4, Olgas Alle Display Boards, &
New Delhi DK-6000 Kolding Audio/Visual Systems
- D Line TM To establish WOS to 33.00 Jan-00
International, undertake Manufac-
Carl Jacobsens Vej ture, Design, Quality
Valby - Copenhagen Management, & Ser-
vicing of Products in
the fields of high-
quality Builders'
Stainless Steel
Accessories, Hard-
ware, & Components
FLS Automation A/S, FLS Automation A/S, Design, Engineering, 20.00 Apr-00
c/o Fuller India Ltd., Denmark Manufacture, & Sale
Chennai of complete Automa-
tion and Control
Systems, Power
Distribution, & Elec-
trical Equipment for
Cement & other
Process Industries
FIBCOM India Ltd., Tellabs Denmark A/S Dense Wavelength 0.00 Apr-00
New Delhi Division Multiplexing (Financial?)
Equipment (DWDM)
& Optical Line
- D Line International, WOS to undertake 0.00 Apr-00
Valby manufacture, design, (Financial?)
quality management
& servicing of high
quality builders'
stainless steel acces-
sories, hardware, &
components thereof.
U.C Gas Engineering Union Construction Chemical Plant and 0.00 May-00
Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi A.S., Fredericia other Machinery for (Financial?)
manufacturing Chemi
Pluspak Containers Plus Pack Group, Miscellaneous 4.18 May-00
(P) Ltd., Mumbai Denmark
Fowler Westrup (I) Westrup A/S & IFU, Manufacture of Agri- 30.00 Jun-00
Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore Denmark cultural Products,
Processing Machine-
& Transformer Oil
Conditioning Equipm.
Indian Oil Haldor Topsoee A/S,    Hydrogen Technical Jul-00
Corporation Ltd., Lyngby
New Delhi
(Location: Haryana)
Indian Oil Haldor Topsoee A/S,    Hydrogen Technical Jul-00
Corporation Ltd., Lyngby
New Delhi
 West Bengal)
TTC Laser Machines Stenhoej Autolift A/S,    2-Post Lifts Technical Jul-00
Private Limited, Barrit
New Delhi
Indian Express Egmont International Wide Range of Walt 51.00 Jul-00
Egmont Publication, Holdings A/S, Disney Comic Books
Bombay/Mumbai Denmark & Activity Books for
Children in India -
Story Books, Note
Books, Pads, etc..
Bharat Petroleum Haldor Topsoee A/S, Hydrogen Technical Sep-00
Corporation, Lyngby, Denmark
Bharati Mobitel Ltd., Logos Design A/S, Setting up of SIM Technical Sep-00
Hyderabad Lyngby, Denmark Card Personalization
Centre in India
KE-Burgman A/S - KE-Burgman A/S, Designing, Enginee- 30.00 Sep-00
Co/ Virmani, Roy, Denmark ring, Manufacturing,
& Kutty Installation, &
Ansal Chambers-II Servicing of :
Bhikaji Cama Place I) Non-Metallic
New Delhi Expansion Joints
& Thermal Insulation
of Gas Turbines
II) Rubber Bellows
III) Metallic
Expansion Joints
Carlsberg A/S - Carlsberg A/S, Manufacture, - Sep-00
C/o UB Group, Copenhagen V, Distribution, Financial (?)
UB House Denmark & Selling of Beer
South Extension
New Delhi
Pedershaab A/S Pedershaab A/S, Design, Manufacture 1.44 Nov-00
C/o Pedershaab Broenderslev, Quality Inspection,
Acme India Pvt. Ltd., Denmark Service, Distribution,
Mumbai & After Sales Service
of Concrete Pipe
Making Machinery
in India
Denin Foods Limited, Finn Lange A/S, setting up processing 35.50 Dec-00
Indore Oelsted, & packing facility for
Denmark ready-to-eat &
ready-to-fry snack
pellets (snack foods)
Anteena Builders Mr. Peter Petersen Development of 29.39 Dec-00
Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai Resorts & Farm
Houses in the State
of Maharashtra
Widex ApS, C/o Widex Holding ApS, Manufacture, Design 12.40 Dec-00
Billimoria & Co., Denmark Quality Management,
New Delhi training,Certification,
Servicing, & Trading
of Products in the
field of high-quality
Digital Hearing Aids
Hilton Roulunds Ltd., Roulunds Fabriker Industrial V-Belts & Financial (?) Dec-00
New Delhi A/S, Denmark Raw Edge V-Belts
LM Glassfiber (India) LM Glasfiber A/S, LM 15.4 Rotor Blade Technical Jan-01
Ltd., Bangalore Lunderskov for Wind-Operated/
Electric Generators
George Fischer Disa Dansk Industri Air Pollution Control Technical Feb-01
Ltd., Bangalore Syndikat, Denmark Equipments
Glass Fibre India Ltd. LM Glasfiber A/S, LM 15.4 Rotor Blade Technical Feb-01
Bangalore Denmark
Flexo India Graphics Thomas Anderson, Business Services 0.45 Mar-01
Pvt. Ltd., Denmark N.E.C.
New Delhi
Danisco Ingredients Danisco A/S, Manufacturing, Distri 220.00 Apr-01
(India) Private Ltd., Denmark buting,  & Marketing/
C/o J.P. Kapur & Selling Flavours & In-
Uberai, Chartered A. termediate Products
New Delhi
Lunis Biotech Ltd., Mr. Flemming Enzymes Technical Apr-01
Mumbai Soederquist, Denm.
Bhagwati Designs F. L. Smidth, Consulting enginee- 1.00 Jun-01
Pvt. Ltd. Denmark ring incl. civil, struc-
Swastik Chambers tural, architectural,
Off Sion Trombay mechanical, electri-
Road, Chembur cal, & environmental
Mumbai-400071 engineering
Barconet Pvt. Ltd. Barconet A/S Data Processing 10.00 Jun-01
Tidel Park No. 305 Denmark Software &
Taramani Consultancy
Chennai (Madras)
Stencils Apparel Dan Engineering Tin Ingots Alloys Technical Aug-01
Brands Ltd., Delhi

Total Number of Indo-Danish Joint Ventures/Collaborations registered during the period December 1st 1992 - August 31st 2001

Of this Financial : 112
Of this Technical 68
Total Amount of Danish Equity Invested : Rs. 5,431.72 Million


Total Danish Investments in India

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