Decimal system using zero and nine digits was evolved in the 5th century AD by ancient Indians. Indians also gave the value of pi, calculated period of earth's rotation, used geometry in the design and construction of altars. Similar achievements were made in the fields of medicine, metallurgy and technical skills more than thousand years ago. These can be seen in the form of books, pillars and archaeological recoveries from different sites.

India is amongst the few countries who have sent their own satellites into space. More than ten satellites have been sent into space by India. Some of them are Aryabhatta, Bhaskara, Rohini, APPLE, IRSINSAT. India has also launched its own satellite launch vehicles into space, including ASLV and PSLV.

India is the sixth nuclear weapons power of the world. India is one of the few developing countries with an indigenously developed nuclear power programme. India also uses nuclear energy for several peaceful uses, including medical diagnosis and treatment, treatment of waste, agriculture, power generation etc.

India has an indigenous research programme in many frontier technology areas like oceanography, biotechnology, fast breeder reactors, super conductors, Antarctica research and non-conventional energy resources like solar energy, wind energy etc.

India is also fast emerging as a world power in the area of software technology. India has developed its own super computer called PARAM.

India has one of the largest number of software engineers in the world who are playing a significant role in the Information Technology revolution. The creator of Pentium Chip is VINOD DHAM, an Indian.


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