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Anand Sharma sends off Mission to Greenland
Father-Daughter Expedition to Unfurl Indian Flag at the Extreme end of the Planet

The Union Minister of Commerce and Industry Shri Anand Sharma handed over National Flag to the Trans Greenland Expedition to be undertaken by Mr. Ajeet Bajaj, and his daughter, Deeya Suzannah Bajaj, The expedition involves skiing about 600 kms from the east coast of Greenland (place called Kangerlussuaq) to the west coast (Isortoq). This route forms a part of the Polar Trilogy (much like the seven summits of mountaineering). Mr. Bajaj, through this expedition, would be completing all three. Deeya, through this expedition, wants to raise awareness about the plight of the girl child in the country.

At the send off function, Shri Sharma said “spirit of adventure that has been an inherent part of ethos of our civilization- will find manifestation in the efforts of Mr. Ajeet Bajaj and his daughter Deeya.” He wished the expedition a safe journey. Shri Bajaj made a brief presentation by about the expedition and its mission. “Briefly, our plan is to fly to Copenhagen on May 11th and on Kangerlussuaq in Greenland on May 12th. Aftera couple of days in Kangerlussuaq, we will take a chopper to the icecap on the west coast of Greenland, North of the Arctic Circle. For next month or so we will ski approx 600 - 650 kms across Greenland to the east Coast finishing at Isortoq. There will be eight team members in all including two Inuit or Eskimos with their huskies and a sled”, he said.

Mr. Mark Parkinson, Head, Shri Ram School, presented the Shri Ram School flag to Deeya. Deeya said, “The expedition will call attention to the plight of the girl child in our country and help raise funds for a girl’s orphanage near Haridwar.” Mr. Anand presented the national flag to Mr. Bajaj and Deeya to be unfurled at the extreme end of the planet.

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